Navigational Minutes: How Do I Survive Tax Time As a Business Owner?

Tax season for business owners can be a stressful and frightening time. Many owners don’t know how much they will owe on their tax bill, they don’t know which documents they need to give to their CPA and even if they do, they don’t know where the documents are.

Another challenge is finding a CPA who is proactive enough to plan with clients before tax season comes about, allowing them time to save for a potential tax bill.

Three Tips to Help With Tax Time

These three tips will allow any business owner, regardless of their means, to survive tax time and even thrive in it. The first tip is to save a percentage of all revenue each month for next year’s tax bill. This will allow a cushion when taxes are due, meaning the business owner won’t need to panic trying to find the potential thousands of dollars needed for the tax bill.

The second tip is to work with a proactive CPA. This means the CPA will plan with the business owner throughout the year as their tax liability changes, meaning the business owner can take steps to minimize their eventual taxes and save up for anything they will need to pay.

The third tip is to have an updated and accurate bookkeeping system. If a business’ bookkeeping is accurate when filing season rolls in, the business owner will not need to worry about inaccurate entries and possible audits. Instead, they can rest assured the CPA will have all business data they need and everything will be accurate on their tax returns. If these three steps are followed, tax time will be as close to stress-free as possible and the business owner will have money set aside for their tax bill, even before they file their taxes.