A Professional You Can Count On

I know what your business needs to run smoothly

My goal is to make your practice financially healthy. Even more, I want you to get your life back. Imagine having more hours free every month to spend with your family, improve your practice, or work with patients or clients. 

I can answer your questions

Running a business can lead to more questions than answers. Imagine never again having to Google search your bookkeeping or QuickBooks questions. Imagine not having those questions in the first place! I deal with your problems so you don’t have to. Now go read a book, or take a nap with all of your extra time!

I can grow with your business

Your bookkeeping needs will evolve over time. I can work with any type of business, from the newest start-up, to a well-established company. As you grow, I can grow your bookkeeping with you. 

Hi, I’m Nate Hendrikse….

I created Navigator Bookkeeping because I love making other people’s lives easier. Even more, I love giving others their time and their lives back.  Navigator Bookkeeping exists to streamline your life. No more worries, stress, or unanswered questions about your bookkeeping, help is here! Your first step is easy, schedule a free consultation and we can start figuring out the fastest ways to make your life easier. 

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