Pricing Plans


Starting at $250/mo


We match QuickBooks with your bank monthly to check for accuracy/security

Monthly Meeting (30 minutes)

A quick financial health check on your business, monthly


Starting at $397/mo
Everything In Basic and:

Most popular

Quickbooks Classification

Entering all transactions into QuickBooks

Receipt Management

Entering receipts into QBO and saving them securely

Profit First Implementation

Save for taxes, pay yourself more, spend less!

Monthly Meeting (Up to 45 minutes)

A more involved financial health & business goal check

Unlimited Email Communication

Guaranteed response in 48 hours (72 hrs on weekends)


Starting at $657/mo
Everything In Premium and:

Invoicing Assistance

(A/R Management) – Create & send invoices for you

Pre-Collections Services

Check in on missing or late payments with clients


Setting up a spending plan and keeping expenses in check

Cash Flow Projections

When can you expect cash to increase or decrease

A/P Management (Assisted Bill Pay)

 We help you manage bills and paying your vendors

Monthly Meeting (Up to 1 hour)

Deep dive on your business goals and business performance

Priority Email/PhoneSupport

 Guaranteed response in 12 hours (48 hrs on weekends)

Quickbooks Cleanup

Starting at $275 (one-time cost)

If your QuickBooks Online account is inaccurate or behind we can go through your data and get QuickBooks back to being accurate and up to date. This can be done for any time period, from a few years to a few months depending on your needs. 


Nate is a wonderful human being and really knows his stuff! If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and hate doing books, then look no further. Nate will take excellent care of you, and relieve the burden of doing something you probably hate.

— Jean LaChat

Nate has allowed us to focus our energies on growing our business. He takes care of all the books and is always available if there are issues or if we need advice. I always thought we couldn’t afford a bookkeeper—now I know we can’t afford NOT to have one!

— Lynne Regas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bank Statement Reconciliation?

This is a monthly check to make sure QuickBooks is accurate compared to your bank and credit card accounts. This is essential to your bookkeeping accuracy, but also a good security check to make sure no money is leaving or coming into the business that shouldn’t be.

What is Classification in Quickbooks?

Classification is entering all of your business transactions in QuickBooks. As they get entered, transactions are put into a specific “account” (office expense, product revenue, equipment purchase) so you have exact information on how you’re spending and making money in your business.

What is Account Receivable Management?

A/R Management is the creation and sending of invoices to your clients. This can include recurring invoices or new invoices each month. Invoices can be created to suit your business and what you want to track when it comes to how you’re making money. 

What are Pre-Collections Services?

This is the follow up of missing or late payments on invoices. Usually we contact clients after a specific amount of time to make sure payments are being processed and you’re paid for the work you’ve done. 

What if I don’t have Quickbooks Online?

No problem! We strongly believe QuickBooks Online is the best accounting software for most businesses because of its ease of use, cloud accessibility, and security. If you don’t have QuickBooks Online we can transfer your bookkeeping files to it from QuickBooks Desktop, Freshbooks, or most other platforms. Or, we can create a new QuickBooks Online account for you.

Can I upgrade to a different plan at a later time?

Definitely! All plans are charged month-to-month, so if you need to make changes, you’re always able to.

Do you have long-term contracts?

Never! All packages are charged on a monthly basis, so if you need to cancel or make a change, it’s simple to do so. 

Can you file my taxes or complete an audit?

Not at this time, though we would love to move to that. We do monthly bookkeeping and consulting services only. It’s what we’re skilled in and what we love. If you need tax, audit, or other similar services, we’d love to refer you to a partner firm. 

Can you do my payroll?

Though we can assist on some parts of payroll, we don’t manually run payroll. There are many great payroll providers we’d love to assist you in connecting with who are experts in all things payroll & HR. Happy to help with a referral.  

I don't have a Quickbooks Online Subscription. What do I do?

If you’re new to QuickBooks, we can purchase a wholesale subscription for you, saving you 50% on the cost of the subscription for the life of your business. If you already have a subscription, you’ll need to continue paying for that.