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You should always know what you're going to pay each month. No hourly charges, fluctuating prices, or fees for communicating with us.

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What can we say? Our small business owners love us!

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It doesn't matter where you're located, our virtual bookkeeping service is here to service your business.

Nate Hendrikse, Owner of Navigator Bookkeeping

Navigator Bookkeeping Services for Small & Mid-Sized Business Owners in Homer Glen, IL

We do so much more than your average bookkeeper. We work proactively, helping you set goals and grow as a business instead of just “staying afloat”. Each month you can plan on an hour long “Navigational” meeting where we use the data from your financial statements to determine your financial health as well as how your business can continue improving while improving profits and cutting costs.

Nate Hendrikse

Homer Glen, Let Us Be Your Bookkeeper

Homer Glen is the third largest market in the United States for businesses, while busy-ness is great for businesses, its a headache for business owners!  Navigator wants to give you your time back and free you from the handling your books alone.

Not only does Navigator keep you tax ready moving forward, we also help you get back from being behind. If your bookkeeping is in arrears, our catch up services will get you up to speed.  Professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy bookkeeping tailored for your business.

One of the things that sets our bookkeeping service apart is the personal touch and consistency you get.  Each client, every month receives an hour-long Navigational meeting with our owner, Nate, to personally go over their books, review their goals, and answer any questions.  We are not your accountant, or a CPA; however, we work hand in hand with them to ensure your books are always up to par.  At Navigator, we offer peace of mind and clarity of your business financials.  Call Navigator Bookkeeping today at (708) 390-8833.

Homer Glen Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor

As a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, Navigator Bookkeeping Services of Homer Glen provides all types of Quickbooks bookkeeping services to small businesses throughout Homer Glen and virtual bookkeeping nationwide. Contact us today for all your QuickBooks and bookkeeping needs.

We Love Keeping Books for Our Homer Glen Business Owners

For more information on the small businesses in Homer Glen, check out Homer Glen Business Connect.

Serving all of Homer Glen:

Country View Estates, Deboer Woods, Erin Hills, Evlyns Gate/Hidden Valley, Farmview Hills, Golden Oak, Gooding Grove, Heritage Estates, Meadowcrest, Meadowview, Parker 143, Pheasant Hollow/Derby Hill, Rolling Glen Subdivision, Saddle Brooke Run, Woodbine and much more. Zip codes 60441, 60448, 60467, 60491.

What our Bookkeeping Clients Say About Us

Bookkeeping used to be something that I dreaded, now it’s something I only spend a few minutes a month on…I’m already seeing an increase in profit. 

Sharesa V.

In working with Nate, I’ve developed confidence in my business, with the ability to make solid business decisions based on accurate numbers and projections, while getting his opinion on what we can do to prepare for upcoming business changes. Nate is my business ally – I plan to work with him for years to come!

Mindi R.

Navigator Bookkeeping has only been a pleasure to work with. They are attentive to detail, quick to communicate, and always happy to help. 

John R.

“Before I hired Navigator Bookkeeping, I spent 25 hours a month taking care of my books. Now, I send everything to Navigator and they take care of it all!”

About us

Located in Homer Glen, IL, we provide exceptional value to business owners around the country helping their businesses thrive. 

Our mission

To save business owners 10-20 hours of their personal time every month, while also helping them cut costs and increase profit. We want to streamline your life so you have more time to do what you love.

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